Michelle (meeshkaa) wrote in psilocybe_world,

tripping alone

my first trip alone went well. i wasn't really feeling like i was alone. at points i was talking to people online or on the phone.

i took the shrooms around 9:45. it never takes very long for me to start feeling the effects. by 10:15 things were moving around slightly. at this point i was talking to friends online because i always try to keep myself busy to avoid nausea. i decided to lay down and listen to music around 10:30. i was listening to tools cd aenima. i closed my eyes and at one point it felt like the music took hold of my body and i didn't have control anymore. it was like i became part of the songs. it was awesome, i didn't want it to end. as soon as the cd was over, i felt like i had had control over my body given back to me. that was definitely one of the best experiences i've had on shrooms.

i eventually made my way upstairs to the kitchen. i had been planning on going outside for a little while but once i got upstairs i decided it'd be better to just stay in. so i sat on the floor and pet sully, my bunny. i remember thinking that he knew that there was something up with me...haha. it was like he was just staring at me trying to figure out why i wasn't acting like myself. so after spending some time with him, i went and sat on the kitchen floor and just watched things for a little while. our floor has a weird pattern on it and it turned into a river. very cool. after just watching things, i started writing about how i thought humans need to learn to relax, how we're just animals with basic needs and need to just meet those needs, but society won't let us because we've always got to be moving and doing things. i would take a picture of the things i wrote and show you, but my digital camera broke and my brother has his with him on vacation.

i eventually came back downstairs and just sat on my futon. i'm looking through the things i wrote right now, there are a few really special quotes...haha. like "there is a cricket in my basement...OMINOUS."

i was starting to get really hungry because i hadn't eaten in a while. so i just ate a few little pieces of stems that i had left. i hadn't felt like getting up and going to get food. after realizing that i was still hungry, i wrote this: "i've been munching on mushrooms like candy. i keep remembering that i'm hungry so i munch on a few and i'm like 'wait, there is food upstairs' but then i don't feel like getting it so i eat mushrooms. viscious cycle, i tell you. VISCIOUS LIKE ROAR." haha.

my friend liz called me and we talked for about 1/2 hour. i was able to carry on an almost normal conversation with her while just staring at my blacklight posters and watching them move around like kaleidoscopes.

i was getting pretty tired by 2:00. so i went to bed and was watching movies in my head for a little while. i don't know what time i fell asleep. i think it was close to 3, but i really have no idea since i lost concept of time.

it was definitely a very good experience tripping alone for the first time.

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