It was Lauren, in the dining room, with the vase. (acidburn96) wrote in psilocybe_world,
It was Lauren, in the dining room, with the vase.

First time poster.

Hello, I've just joined this community and was hoping for some help I guess. I'm going to be taking mushrooms soon for the second time. The first time I took them I didn't fully trip but still got cool visuals. But this time I plan on eating more this time and want to be prepared for this. I read that people will read philosophical writings or watch/read about natural sciences or any other mind broadening subject. I was hoping that someone might have some suggestions on some that could help or be useful.
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Read everything you can on and www.bluelight.rl . :) There are many experience reports and lots of tips to make sure your trip is as enjoyable as possible.
if you're on mushrooms you don't need to be reading philisophical writings or natural sciences to broaden your mind.. your mind will broaden on its own. i suggest you just do what you want to do when you're actually on the mushrooms... i like to draw and write things.. at some point go outside and be with one with nature.. sit under a tree or something.. then when i'm comfortable enough and used to it, i like to go socialize with people..
Thanks for the suggestion, I've just read a bit on how people 'pack for the trip' persay and thought I would do the same.
sit back and let the psilocybin take you into it's world. don't try to fight it, and definately don't enter it with any expectations. sometimes i try to record my thoughts while i'm tripping, which i usually do with some sort of voice recorder.

the next day, or whenever you come down is the best time to reflect on your experience. it can truely be a life changing experience.

tip: sometime during your trip, go outside and surrender yourself to the power in nature. go for a walk through the forest, or talk to the trees and the plants. they talk back. most of all HAVE FUN
I plan on partying with the grass. Thanks for the advice
My suggestions are that be in a good mood before you eat them and do what these other people say, go for a hike in the mountains and be one with nature. Try going camping with some buddies and have everybody doing shrooms with you. Personally i dont like being around people that arnt doing them when im on shrooms cause they can ruin my trip by messing around with me... but those are my friends, they do shit like that. My last good trip was when i got a hotel room with 3 other buddies and we watched The Doors DVD like 3 times in a row just tripping balls, watching the walls and mirrors move like water... But everybody has their own opinion. Thats just my 2 cents. Have fun.
Well camping sounds great. We're actually gonna be chillin in a tent by a pond in my bfs back yard so it'll be sorta the same.